Academic Pricing For Film Schools

Discounts are available for instructors and students.  Instructors:  If your class size is less than 30 or there are other special considerations please contact me. 

To get the academic discount, please send an email from an account at your school to help me verify your registration, along w/ the telephone number of the school's registrar.

Email:  info @


Academic Purchases
Type  # of Users Retail Price Discount Academic Price
Single 1 149 40.00% $89.40
Class 30 4470 60.00% $1,788.00
School Wide 1500 223500 80.00% $44,700.00


# Of Users:  The number of allowed simultaneous users of the product.
Retail Price:  The ordinary price for commercial customers.
Discount:  The academic discount.
Academic Price:  The final price for accredited academic film programs.