Don't know how to schedule your shoot? 
Check out this book:
Film Scheduling: Or, How Long Will It Take to Shoot Your Movie?


Mandy's is a good place to look for local crew.
Adam Berman was my DP on "Combustible Chef"; he kicks butt.


Filmmaking sites

The northwest film forum, one of the largest film nonprofits in the United States, and my favorite place to create films.
I've worked on several films made with their sponsorship, including Cascadia and Money Buys Happiness.  Come check them out if you live around Seattle (or even if you don't). provides reference and a community for new and independent filmmakers around the world.
 "We are committed to the creation of dangerous and original works."
Moviemaker is my favorite film magazine.
Probably the site I visit the most often.
They produce 35th Street Mission, a local Seattle TV show that I've written an episode for

A good list of nearly every film festival.

Here are some of the more important fests.  There's zillions more out there though.

Cannes  - pronounced like "can of tuna".  No one seems to care though

Sundance - Where Robert Redford holds court 

Telluride - I hear it's fun

Hamptons -  with laid back, easy going New Yorkers

Manhattan Short Festival  - another NYC fest

Toronto - Hugely important market for indie filmmakers

Seattle - My favorite hometown festival

Los Angeles - Another important market for indie filmmakers



Sunfrog Official Logos and Advertising Banners

Here are some logos, advertising buttons and banners if you wish to link to Sunfrog.  Please set the link to .  Thanks for your support.

"Green" series - staid and full of character





"Orange" series - a little more playful

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120x60:  3kb (No animation)



160x60:  3kb (No Animation)





160x60:  12kb Animated Gifs.  The first one always repeats, the second one repeats 5 times





468x60:  Blue background, 6kb



468x60:  White background, 6kb


Box images:




300x250:  8kb


More marketing resources are here.