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Police Beat at Sundance 2005

I was First Assistant Director on Rob Devor's feature film Police Beat.  It recently had its world premiere in the dramatic competition at Sundance 2005.  After Police Beat wrapped, I encoded what I learned in Sunfrog Film Scheduling.  Police Beat had over 100 locations, around 80 actors, and was shot in 35mm anamorphic (widescreen).

The official site is here: .

Police Beat was produced through the Northwest Film Forum and Wigglyworld Studios:


photo by TAK

From left to right:
Alex Jones (Loader), Anna Oxygen (Rachel), Rob West (Casting Director), Eric Breedlove (Swan),
Joe Shapiro (Editor), Doris Black (Costumes), Sean Kirby (Director of Photography), Etta Lilienthal (Production Designer), Rob Devor (Director) - holding microphone, Michael Seiwerath (Exec Producer), Per Anderson (1st Asst. Director), Alexis Ferris (Producer), Charles Mudede (Writer), Jeff Brown (Producer) - standing behind Charles.

"As a dreamlike dramatization of the disconnection between the inner thoughts of a lovelorn cop and everyday events on his Seattle patrols, Police Beat ranges from deadpan absurdity to heartfelt melancholy, with occasional forays into drudgery, random violence and purposeful brutality. It's easy to respect helmer Robinson Devor (The Woman Chaser) and co-scripter Charles Mudede for the sheer audacity that fuels their experimental amalgam of style and content. "  - Variety, 9 Feb 2005

"Robinson Devor's Police Beat is a cool, measured piece of work. What we see is a Seattle bicycle patrolman, originally from West Africa, responding to a series of unusual police calls. What we listen to, in his native Wolof with English subtitles, is the policeman ruminating about his troubled romantic relationship.  It's a tricky combination but it's handled with the kind of grace that marks Sundance at its best. "  - Los Angeles Times, 30 Jan 2005





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