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Showbiz Budgeting
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Where do I get support for Showbiz Budgeting?
Showbiz Software handles support for Showbiz Budgeting. 

How is the production bundle delivered?
After purchasing, you will receive a keyfile for Sunfrog which will unlock the downloadable version.   Your order of Showbiz Budgeting will be fulfilled by Media Services by regular mail.  In the meantime, you can use a fully functional 30-day demo version of their software.

Can I get Sunfrog/Showbiz for Mac?
Sorry, Sunfrog Film Scheduling is not available for the Mac, but Showbiz Budgeting for Macintosh is available here.

Can Showbiz Budgeting import data from Sunfrog?
Budgeting interoperation features are currently under development.  We felt it was important to make the production bundle pricing available as soon as possible.

Why did Sunfrog partner with Showbiz Software?
Sunfrog wants to stay focused on building the best scheduling product.  Similarly, Showbiz has many years of experience with payroll and budgeting solutions for the film industry.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, Sunfrog wanted to partner with a best of breed budgeting solution.






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