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Showbiz Budgeting
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Here are some of the many features in Showbiz Budgeting.
bulletDetail Items
bulletPO System
bulletPetty Cash

Jumpstart your budget with the most comprehensive set of budget forms ever. Templates are included for Feature Film and Television, the AICP form, the AICE form, the CICP form, Corporate Videos. Also included are multicolumn AICP forms that allow you to budget multiple locations or projects side by side.   [Screenshot]

Detail Items
You can enter as many individual cost items on each line as you like. The window can be split to show detail items and the budget simultaneously. Detail can be entered for the estimated side or actual side. Actual details can record whether the charge is a check, credit card, invoice, timecard, or petty cash. Showbiz Budgeting gives you the power to track it all. Both Mac & Windows for any size or style of project: from commercials, music video, feature film, television, corporate video, to post production, still photography and more, Showbiz Budgeting handles the toughest budgeting problems. [Screenshot]

Purchase Order System
Keep track of your POs during or after production with the Purchase Order System. As actual cost items are entered, Showbiz Budgeting tallies the charges against each PO. When finishing actualization, you can print out a detailed PO log. You can also print the actual PO directly from Showbiz Budgeting.  [Screenshot]

Petty Cash System
Showbiz Budgeting can keep you organized during prep, shoot, and wrap. The Petty Cash system helps you keep track of PC envelopes and all PC expenses. You can record cash transfers to and from the bank, or between envelopes. Running subtotals for each line number are always visible; and PC expenses are instantly plugged into the actual itself.  [Screenshot]

Point and Click, that's it. Simplicity with the power to define flat or percentage fringes for union names, overtime, P&W, and rate information for an unlimited number of cities or production modes. GlobalsGlobals speed up the budgeting process by storing commonly used numbers. Store days worked for crew, amount of feet of film, or many other time saving Globals. As always, Globals will allow you to speed up changes to the budget and allow the fast creation of what-if scenarios. [Screenshot]

The Phases feature allows a budget to be split up into distinct segments for "What if" scenarios. You can have Multi-city or Multi-country budget comparisons. You can also have a Budget, Working Budget, and Actual phase at one time on the same budget - you're in complete control.  [Screenshot]

Flexible Crew Entry
Showbiz Budgeting can define a crew schedule in days and hours. (For example: two 12-hour days and one 14-hour day.) Overtime can be calculated automatically according to the union assigned for each line.
- Each budget contains estimates as well as actuals - making it easy to see your estimated figures right alongside the actuals.  [Screenshot]

Each budget contains estimates as well as actuals - making it easy to see your estimated figures right alongside the actuals.  [Screenshot]

Printing and Reports
In addition to the printing your Budget Summary, Accounts, and Details, Showbiz Budgeting can print out a plethora of detailed reports including: Petty Cash Reports, Petty Cash Envelopes, Purchase Order Logs, and more.
- You can import your Feature Budget from Movie Magic and Cinergy using a Tab delimited format.  [Screenshot]





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