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How to Get Support - Tutorial Files - Backup Files - Registration Key Files -
Reinstalling after the Installation Expiry

Sunfrog has been designed to be easy to use and works like most other Windows applications.  If you have used other production scheduling apps, you may feel right at home in Sunfrog.  If you are new to production scheduling generally, an excellent reference is "Film Scheduling" by Ralph S. Singleton. 

How to Get Support

Your feedback is much appreciated and will help me build a better product.  The first way to send feedback is the support forum.  The second is to email "support" at If you have a general question or a bug report, try checking user's discussion group first in case someone else has come across a similar problem.    

Tutorial Files

After installing Sunfrog, the Tutorial files will be in a folder called "Sunfrog Film Scheduling Sample Files" in your "My Documents" folder. (If you are under a different user login than whoever installed the product, you may have to copy the files over).  It's recommended that you make copies of these files. But if you mess them up while learning Sunfrog, you can download fresh copies from the following links.



Backup Files

Sunfrog will make automatic backups of your work.  By default Sunfrog will trigger a back up every 10 minutes, and store up to 12 versions.  If you accidentally mess up your file and need to access the backup, look in the "Backups" folder under the installation directory.  For most users this directory will be "C:\Program Files\Sunfrog Technologies\Sunfrog Film Scheduling\Backups".  Backups occur in the background so as not to interrupt your work. 


Registration Key Files

Everyone can use Sunfrog to view files created with it for free.  "Save" functionality will be enabled when a key is purchased.  "Save" is also enabled for certain trial versions for a limited period.

After purchasing Sunfrog you will receive a "Key File" as an email attachment.  Save the file to the desktop, start Sunfrog, and select "Help | Registration" from the menus. 

If no key has been loaded, then Sunfrog will automatically search the desktop for a valid key file.  If an expired key has already been loaded, press the "Key File" button, navigate to the new key file, and hit "OK".  The lock will then turn to green.  Trial users and others "renting" the software will see a red lock after the key expires.

How to Reinstall After the Installation Expiry

NOTE: To prevent software theft, all registration keys have an installation expiry date. This is so that any stolen keys posted on the net will eventually expire.

Therefore, it's important to register your software immediately after receiving your key. If you have purchased the product and are attempting to reinstall the software after the installation expiry date, you can request a new one by filling out this form.  Under normal circumstances your request will be automatically approved. 

The last thing I want to do is annoy valid users with copy protection features.  So if your key isn't working or you are having trouble reinstalling the product, please email support at for a new key.


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