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Overview - Contact Jobs - Importing and Exporting Contacts



Each Breakdown Item may be associated with a contact that is responsible for the item.  For example, a Cast Item will be associated with the actor chosen for the role.   Locations may also be associated with a contact.


Contact Jobs

Each contact in the production may be assigned a job.  The jobs are organized by department ("Talent", "Production", "Camera", and so on).  

In the contact list, you can also filter for a particular job clicking the filter icon on the job column header.

NOTE:  It is important that you at least assign the Director, Producer, and AD jobs because these will be reported at the top of the Call Sheet.  

If one of your crew members has multiple roles, you can either make a duplicate contact via copy-paste, or just set the job to their most important assignment. 


Importing and Exporting Contacts

You can import your current address book into the contact list.  First, make a "CSV" (comma separated value) file from Microsoft Address Book, Microsoft Outlook, or your favorite contact manager.  In Microsoft Address Book, this is done by selecting "File | Export | Other Address Book |  Text File (Comma Separated Values)".

Then, in BFS, select "File | Import | Contacts", then select a CSV file to import.

From BFS, you can similarly export your list of contacts to a CSV file for use by other applications.   Select
"File | Export | Contacts" on the main menu.


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